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SOS Trees, formerly known as SOS Elms, advocates for responsible management and bylaw protection of urban trees, and promotes public understanding and appreciation of the urban forest.

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If you love trees and want to live where trees are respected and cherished!

pruning workshop 2022

2023 Arbor Week

May 20th to May 28th, Arbor Week 2023 focused on the amazing power of trees and nature to enhance healing mental, social and physical health.

Memorial Avenue Elms National  
Historic Site in Woodlawn Cemetery
 - Judy Wood

Tree Tour Booklet

Take a self-guided tour: We have published a booklet of impressive examples of species growing in our city!

Balloon ride 17 Sept. 2010

Saskatoon Green Infrastructure Strategy

The urban forest is estimated to provide over $46 million in carbon sequestration, with an additional $1.8 million of carbon stored annually.