Threats to Our Urban Forest

A man doesn't plant a tree for himself. He plants it for posterity. Alexander Smith

photo by K. Quayle

Development and Urban Expansion

Boulevard and back yard trees have suffered immensely from construction that compacts the soil over the roots and even the removal of specimen trees. For information on tree protection requirements go to the Saskatoon City's link here:

If you think a public tree is being impacted, please call City of Saskatoon Urban Forestry at 306-975-2890. If you are also concerned with private trees impacted we recommend you talk to the developer about how removing trees affects your neighbourhood. You can also contact SOS Trees Coalition for support.

Insects and Disease

The urban forest is an asset worthy of protection from insect and disease pests. Public awareness and the help of citizen science can be part of the solution. By being vigilant about the pests that threaten our trees and calling in to the City of Saskatoon Urban Forestry department we may be able to help curb some infestations. More about the City of Saskatoon pests here.

Climate Change

Climate change is the most urgent issue of our time. The predicted changes in our climate are likely to inflict particular stresses on the trees and other plants. We need to keep the trees as healthy as possible so that they can be resistant to drought and attack by emerging pests and new diseases.

Early detection and monitoring of these threats is vital. Everyone should get involved helping to mitigate the changing climate in addition to keeping watch on our trees. See Climate Atlas of Canada for tips on taking direct personal actions.


People injuring or even killing trees is a reality within the urban forest. Boulevard trees have been poisoned by homeowners that didn't want trees near their property. Branches torn off, stripping of bark, or roots dug up can cause damage to the structure and health of a tree. These trees are not meant for one homeowner but rather the entire community to enjoy. Citizens can take action by calling in to the City of Saskatoon, Urban Forestry department to report activity and damage. 306-975-2890